Drop the BBC licence fee

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The BBC licence fee is a flat tax on watching television. It costs £145.50 per year. (That's almost half the weekly median take-home pay for a working family in Britain.)


Every home in the UK that wants to watch live TV has to pay it - even if they don't want to use the BBC.


Prosecutions for watching TV without a licence account for 10% of criminal cases in the UK.


Raising around 3.5 billion pounds through this tax every year, the BBC is wasteful, biased, complacent and harmful.


The licence fee tax is expensive and unfair. It's time to cut ourselves free..

Modern technology can help find a way out of the licence fee. With many ISP's providing unlimited broadband connections, it's possible to stream high-definition video direct from the web.


If you don't watch or record live TV, you don't have to pay the licence fee. Watching web-based "catch-up" services is licence-free. (So is watching DVD's and Blu-ray.)


With so many internet streaming video services, most people can use web access to entirely replace broadcast TV.


Follow the tips below to access the range of streaming TV...


... and get rid of your TV licence here.

Media streaming on your home network


Home network media streaming



Steaming video services


Some UK broadcasters provide free catch-up services that you can use on a range of affordable gadgets.

4OD Demand5 ITV


There's now a range of paid streaming video services that are easy to access. There's a cost, but it compares well with the licence.


Netflix Lovefilm


Your own server


Setting up DLNA software isn't too hard, and will let you stream even more content to your game console or dedicated media player from your PC or laptop.

Software like Playon and TVersity will stream web content direct to your media player with minimal setup.

(Some of the content offered is not available to UK viewers, but there's still plenty you can watch. Connecting to US-based VPN may provide access to more commercial services.)


Using the free PS3 Media Server, you can stream almost any video format you've recorded or downloaded yourself. Despite the name, you don't need a Playstation for this software - it can stream to many DLNA devices.





Most new game consoles have access to at least some catch-up and paid streaming services.


Game console video streaming services, free and paid


Some will also let you access your own media servers.


DLNA media server displayed on Playstation 3


Modern consoles have the advantage of being CD, DVD and Blu-ray players too - so you may only need one gadget under your TV.

Dedicated media players


Hisense provide good media players at a reasonable price, able to play a lot of video and music files.


Popcorn Hour is a popular brand of DLNA-capable player, fully able to play streams from your PS3 Media Server program.


AppleTV provides reliable access to some streaming services; DLNA servers may be usable, but need advanced setup.

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